Jure takes readers on an exciting, twisted and hilarious journey into the perilous world of becoming Millionaire. Read his books, attend his webinars - and learn from one of the World's best. This “fathertucker” is the real deal!

Klemen Gradisar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
CEO @ Inter Academy WER KSA

I’ve known Jure for more than 7 years, and he is in constant motion, striving to gain top-notch knowledge in new industries and taking advantage of it in the best way!

Peter Peshev Ph.D., Sofia, Bulgaria
Managing director @ UpTrend & Senior Assistant Professor of Economics @ UNWE

Jure can't stop surprising me! His many-sidedness is like a Swiss army knife - he has so many diverse interests, that it is always exciting to dive deeper into his mind.

Slavik Fokin, San Francisco, USA
Creative producer

I have met Jure and understood immediately that this self-made man would write the stunning truth of making money in all worlds. Enjoy each word of it!

Jeroen Koudstaal, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Founder & Director @ Business Brands Champions

About Author

Jure Valant

'The Money Launderer'

Jure Valant was born in 1979 in the Yugoslavian republic of Slovenia. After its independence in 1991 the economy starts growing in the country and Jure becomes an entrepreneur being only 19 years old.

After 20 turbulent years in the offshore business and four published books (Financial freedom 1 and 2, Top 5 online businesses and Offshore Business), Jure decides to follow his passion of writing science fiction crime novels based on realistic economy crashes, world politics and international relations, money laundering, wars, mafia etc.

Jure supports his story and books by hosting unique business seminars.


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